“The Expanse” ends in 2022


The Expanse series will have one more season, the sixth, which will probably run on the small screens in 2022, Amazon Studios announced before the start of the fifth season.

Launched on the small screens in 2015, The Expanse ‘series had a rather restless history. Although it was very well received by critics and fans, being considered the Warp of Thrones in Space, the production was not a great financial success for the SyFy television station. Because of this, after only three seasons, the management of the TV station announced that it is giving up the series. Desperate, fans have started a huge online campaign to find a TV station or streaming service to save their favorite heroes. The one who fulfilled this wish was Jeff Bezos, the owner of the Amazon company, passionate about SF, a big fan of books, after which the series was made, and a die-hard fan of TV production. Jeff Bezos announced in 2018 that his streaming service, Prime Video, will handle the next seasons of The Expanse ‘.

The novels that inspired the series ‘The Expanse’ are written by James S. A. Corey, a pseudonym under which the writer’s Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck hide. There are currently 8 books published, the first entitled ‘Awakening of the Leviathan’ appeared on the market in 2011. The ninth, and last, will be in bookstores in 2021.

The action of The Expanse ‘series takes place in the future when humanity managed to colonize our solar system. But this has led to several conflicts between Earth, Mars, and centurions, the inhabitants of the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. To these are added the discovery of an alien molecule capable of exterminating or altering humanity forever, forbidden experiments, galactic gates leading to hundreds of distant planets, interplanetary corruption, space wars, and impossible love stories.

The fifth season is inspired by volumes five and six of the series of novels The Expanse ‘. This means that the sixth season will have to cover the events of the last three books so that all the conflicts and intrigues that arise have a satisfactory end for the fans.

A radical change of the series compared to the action in the books is the disappearance from the final season of one of the main heroes, played by Cas Anvar, after, earlier this year, the actor was accused of sexual assault and inappropriate behavior.

The fifth season begins on December 16 when the first three episodes will be released, and the rest will appear weekly from February 2021.


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