The first trailer for the 1984 Wonder Woman movie


The long wait for the first trailer for the 1984 Wonder Woman movie, the long-awaited sequel to Wonder Woman, has ended. On Sunday the first official trailer with the beautiful Amazon in action was released. The film will premiere on our big screens in June 2020.

Wonder Woman is at the height of her warrior glory, including wielding her famous loin, making bullets to glove with her gloves, and simply blazing lightning as she leaps into the sky. Also featured in the trailer is Pedro Pascal’s Maxwell Lord, who seems to be preparing something unclean. Kristen Wiig, the future Cheetah antagonist, appears in a harmless posture in the trailer.

“Nothing good was born of lies,” says Diana in the voice-over “and greatness is not what you think …”

Alongside Gal Gadot, actor Chris Pine also returns in the sequel, returning to the role of Steve Trevor. His presence is rather a surprise if we think about the end of the character at the end of the first film.

“It is a film in which the action is independent of the previous one, as are the films with Indiana Jones and Bond,” said Charles Roven (Justice League), who said that Wonder Woman 1984 is not a sequel to his Wonder Woman (2017), but a new adventure.


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