The Hateful Eight miniseries go to Netflix


The Hateful Eight

Quentin Tarantino revealed how his western film The Hateful Eight became a Netflix miniseries.According to the filmmaker, the proposal, which intrigued him at first, came from the streaming channel: “I told them that the movie is ok in the form it is now, but if I were to use all the filmed material and give it in a form that will be able to be broadcast in the form of a few episodes, I am willing to try, “he explained.

In total, the four episodes of the series will contain 25 minutes of unused footage: “One year after the release of the film, maybe my editor, Fred Raskin, started working hard. We mounted 50-minute pieces and got four episodes. There was no need to re-create everything from head to tail, but I worked a lot on this and it has another rhythm now. It gives you a different feeling and I like that. Some sequences closely resemble those in the movie, but they create a different state. And the film had something literary in its structure anyway, so this feature of scrambling some chapters is now better distinguished. ”

Tarantino’s next film, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, will be released on August 9th.


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