The Institute, Stephen King’s new novel, will become a tv series


The Institute, Stephen King’s most recent novel, launched worldwide Tuesday and has already begun work on its screenings. Two prominent names from Hollywood, the ubiquitous David E. Kelley and one of the directors of the Lost series, Jack Bender, will address this. The two are also responsible for the excellent Mr. Mercedes, the series inspired by King’s eponymous novel and have now reached the third season.

The Institute has Luke Ellis, a boy with unusual powers who is kidnapped by an organization and locked up in the Institute, along with other children with powers. What Luke will find out very soon is that the Institute run by the ruthless Mrs. Sigsby has one purpose, namely to extract the miraculous powers of children – from telepathy to telekinesis. Whoever opposes has more than brutal punishments.

The premise may sound a bit annoying to the X-Men, especially to The New Mutants, the Fox movie postponed to April 2020, but according to Slashfilm the novel’s chronicles have been more than kind, with The New York Times believing that The Institutes could be “King’s scariest novel to date”, which is hard to believe. Surely the author is extremely familiar with comics and X-Men movies and would not have ventured on the same road without a few aces up his sleeve.

It is not known at this time when the series will appear, but we expect to see it sooner in the fall of 2020 or the spring of 2021. Until then you can see Stephen King in a cameo in It Chapter Two, the horror released last week on our big screens.


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