The Karate Kid 2, still in development. Jackie Chan could be back in the sequel


Jackie Chan doesn’t give up action movies. Among the many projects included in his work schedule may be announced soon, The Karate Kid 2. The sequel is still in development, and chances are high that the legend of martial arts productions what was Jaden Smith’s trainer in the 2010 Karate Kid movie reprise his score.

It is not yet known whether Jaden will reprise his role – the son of Will Smith was 12 when filming the reboot Karate Kid, and since then he has only played in three films. However, a variation of the scenario takes into account the idea that Mr. Han (Chan) will take under his wing another young man (the story of the former American teenager moved to Beijing will not continue), and teach him, in his unusual style, the secrets the art of self-defense.

Production has been underway for almost nine years. Brek Eisner was first announced in the board seat. He abandoned the project in 2014, but returned three years later to the project, when he benefited from a new scenario. So far it is only true that the sequel has resumed.

The Karate Kid (2010) is the most successful film in the franchise (with total revenues of over $ 359 million), which debuted in 1984 and had two sequels (in 1986 and 1989). The story was resumed in 1994, with Hilary Swank in the central role. A short animated series The Karate Kid ran on NBC in 1989, and from 2018 YouTube Premium launched the Cobra Kai series, whose action has been taking place long after the events in the original series and in which Mr. Miyagi’s former teacher, Daniel, and his opponent in the All-Valley Karate Tournament, now adults, are reunited, and the old rivalry is resuming.


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