“The Kids Are Alright” and “The Fix” canceled by ABC

Photo source: Variety.com

One good and another bad, this is ABC’s strategy for the evening following – after the renewal of the three procedural dramas by Shonda Rhimes, they came with a round of cancellations, namely with the cancellation of two of the new projects, comedy The Kids Are Alright and The Fix.

The Announcement of The Kids Are Alright was made by the creator Tim Doyle, as well as the one whose story is inspired by the title. He did not have a constant audience, but in the last few weeks the comedy managed to score five other sitcoms of the station – black-ish, Splitting Up Together, Fresh Off the Boat, Speechless and Bless This Mess.

ABC has not yet gone through the comedy chapter all along the way, as well as removing the serialized thriller at the helm of Marcia Clark, the prosecutor in the controversial case of the 1990s. O.J. Simpson.

The Kids Are Alright: With the action in the 1970s, the project centers on a Catholic-Irish family whose members, a working father, a traditional mother and eight sons, are trying to adapt to social change in one of the most turbulent times of America. Things are changing for the Cleary family when Lawrence, the eldest son, returns home telling his parents that he has given up the seminar to go ‘to save the world.’ 10 people, three sleeping rooms, one bathroom – each is on their own! The series is inspired by the childhood of Tim Doyle, screenwriter and executive producer of the title.

The Fix: A legendary drama based on Maya Travis, a lawyer in Los Angeles, whose career is on a downward slope after a massively accused case involving a double homicide accusation and an actor in the movie city. Leaving the Angels’ City for Washington and a quiet life, eight years later, a new allegation of murder against the same actor, Maya returns to the game, receiving a new chance to make justice to the victims and finally close the guilty. The series is based on a script signed by female trio Elizabeth Craft, Sarah Fain and Marcia Clark, the latter being known for the State vs. OJ Simpson from the early 1990s, being the case prosecutor.


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