The Lord of the Rings series, start production in New Zealand


We believe that The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit have completely exhausted their possibilities in the two trilogies of Peter Jackson, but this does not mean that the universe created by Tolkien will not be interesting in a new screenplay. For hobby fans, we have the good news that the Lord of the Rings series, a prequel to Amazon Prime Video, has been given permission to resume production in New Zealand.

The Ministry of Business, Innovation, and Labor Has announced that production teams for several international films and series have been given permission to return to New Zealand and go to work, after months of categorical restrictions. The announcement says resumption of production will create 3,000 jobs and generate $ 400 million in spending for the country’s economy.

Hundreds of actors, technicians, and support staff will arrive on the island in the next six months. The Lord of the Rings series was already in production in Aukland when the pandemic began, with several members of the film crew having to quarantine in New Zealand. We do not know at this time when the series could be released.


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