The Mandarin will return to a new Marvel movie, says Kevin Feige


In a discussion with fans on, related to Avengers: Endgame and the future of the Marvel Cinema Universe, Kevin Feige, the studio’s president, revealed that there is a film The Mandarin. The information was taken over by

The villain of Iron Man 3 disappointed fans with a false identity, which is why the studio is thinking of bringing the antagonist back on the screen and making them right.

Although Feige did not get any details about the project, it may be that the intrigue is related to Marvel’s short film after Iron Man 3, entitled All Hail the King, in which the real Mandarin sends a prison threat message to the actor “Played” in confrontation with superhero in super-techy costume (and in the film is played by Ben Kingsley).

In the absence of official information, fans speculate that the real Mandarin will appear in Shang-Chi, the next Marvel film that will introduce the first Asian superhero in UCM.

The villain might be Shang-Chi’s father – the film would be a good launch pad for the talented and ambitious genius scientist, but also for the expert in martial arts with superhuman powers. And the terrorist organization that Mandarin is often associated with – The Ten Rings – may appear in Shang-Chi (after acting for Iron Man for the first time).


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