The Movie “Vox Lux” with Natalie Portman and Jude Law will be released soon


“Vox Lux”, shot on a 35mm film, is Brady Corbet’s second feature, which debuted with” The Childhood of a Leader “(2015).

Celeste is 13 years old. Following a tragedy in 1999 at her school, the teenager commemorates her colleagues singing at the funeral service. This is where her transformation into a pop star begins with her sister composer (Stacy Martin) and her manager (Jude Law). Celeste’s evolution towards fame and loss of innocence coincides with a terrorist attack on the nation, raising the young singer to a new degree of celebrity: American symbol and global superstar.

In 2017, when mature, Celeste is in the middle of the tour to promote his sixth album, Vox Lux. She has to overcome her personal problems.

For “Vox Lux,” the director collaborated for the second time with Scott Walker, an innovative composer who died in 2019. The soundtrack is complemented by original songs composed by Sia.


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