The movie with Black Adam, Shazam death enemy, has a director


The Shazam! The spin-off, which will appear under the name of Black Adam, will be directed by Jaume Collet-Serra (Shallows). He will co-ordinate Dwayne Johnson and address the DC movie after just filming with the same actor at Disney’s Jungle Cruise, writes The Hollywood Reporter.

Collet-Serra debuted as a horror director, including the remake of House of Wax and Orphan, and then directed a series of action movies with Liam Neeson, including The Commuter, Run All Night, Non- stop and Unknown.

Collet-Serra is back with Dwayne Johnson for the action film Black Adam, inspired by DC Comics.

The character Black Adam, considered Shazam’s deadly enemy, comes from the past since the 1940s when the hero was Captain Marvel. An Egyptian semi-immortal prince, he was corrupted by the occult powers that a wizard had cultivated. In comic strips, Black Adam is an anti-heroic.

The character was thought to appear, like an anti-hero, in the Shazam series! , but still, the studio and the producers preferred to give it a self-contained film. Beau Flynn from FlynnPictureCo will sign production with Johnson, Dany Garcia and Hiram Garcia from Seven Bucks Productions.


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