The Murders – TV Review


Detective Kate Jameson (Jessica Lucas) feels overwhelmed by her parents’ success. Her mother, Rita Gallo (Venus Terzo) is the mayor’s counselor, and her father, Anthony Jameson, is a former fallen detective. Now, the homicide rogue investigator, Kate initially worked as a patrol officer and obtained the best test score for the detective function. Kate’s relationship with her father was very close, and when she was killed on a mission, her world was shaken from the ground, losing a parent and the person she respected and admired the most.

When Kate violates one of the police’s basic rules – followed by fatal consequences – she is driven by her ambition to rise to her father’s level but also to repair the evil she has done.

Another crime character is Detective Nolan Wells (Dylan Bruce), Kate’s partner in the Homicide Department. Nolan is an experienced, handsome and humorous detective who hides the trauma experienced by the difficult divorce he had. Nolan enthusiastically accepts being Kate’s partner after her ex-comrade was killed. He has worked hard to get to this position and believes Kate’s advance smells of nepotism, despite evidence to the contrary. Together they work well, despite the strange attraction that complicates their relationship.

The team investigates various cases such as a violent bank robbery, a case closed 15 years ago, a series of mysterious murders, and a killer who seems interested in Detective Jameson.


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