The new Mortal Kombat will have a kind of humor similar to Marvel’s


Mortal Kombat

The screenwriter of the forthcoming Mortal Kombat film has said that production, which is a reboot, will incorporate a kind of humor similar to Marvel’s, but a more mature tone. In an interview with, Greg Russo also mentioned that the franchise can not be characterized by violence alone.

“Is there a grim part in adapting Mortal Kombat? I think so, but that does not mean Mortal Kombat for me. Look at the Kano character, for example, which is great. He always makes jokes. I say there must be a funny tone, things do not have to be taken seriously. Even if we have violence, struggle and serious stakes, with great emotional load for all involved, we need fun and sense of humor. Even if I do not like that, I’m going to make this direct comparison with Marvel, which still have fun movies, they’re always joked, but ours will be a bit mature, “Russo explained.

James Wan, who is in charge of producing the new Mortal Kombat, said that although it’s been working for several years, it will not rush the development of the project because it wants it to be as accurate as possible to the universe of the series of video games it inspires . According to a message posted by Russo on his Twitter account, the film scenario is over, but distribution and release date have not yet been chosen. In the director’s seat was Simon McQuoid.



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