The new obstacle in Bond 25 production


The problems are a chain of Bond 25’s production. After the recent explosions that destroyed the London filming platform and Daniel Craig’s ankle injury, reports that Rami Malek, as the film antagonist, is unably filmed with Craig.

Bohemian Rhapsody star and Mr. Robot will have to start working on another project just before the healing of James Bond’s gang and his return to the plateau, which again overcame the plans of the filmmakers who are now striving to find a date on which the two actors can shoot together.

“You can not have a Bond movie where agent 007 does not face to face with the villain; logistically, the situation is a nightmare. This time, the filming schedule has returned, and everything is possible for things to go well, but production will last longer, “a source close to the team said.

“Filming should have ended in September, but the actors and the production team were told they would be postponed until October – possibly even by November – because of Craig’s injuries and explosions,” he said.

A week ago, Pinewood Studios’s Buckinghamshire filming platform was devastated by three blasts from a failed stunt that did not make a casualty but easily hurt a member of the production team.

Craig’s accident occurred last month, after several more delays caused by the review of the script and finding a new director to replace Danny Boyle after retiring from the project.

The new Bond movie, still untitled (the 25th in the series), keeps its date unchanged on April 3, 2020; was originally announced for October 25, 2019.


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