The Passage, For The People and The Cool Kids canceled

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As expected, those at Fox have canceled The Cool Kids and The Passage projects released last season, and ABC’s For The People, the latest project by Shonda Rhimes before joining Netflix.

The decision of the two televisions to cancel the titles is not surprising, the ratings being low, none of the three failing to build a fan community as expected.

This season, Fox has canceled The Gifted and Rel projects, renewing the animations The Simpsons, Family Guy and Bobs Burgers, The Resident, Empire, 9-1-1 and Last Man Standing. A decision is to be made for STAR, The Orville, Lethal Weapon and Proven Innocent. ABC goes on with black-ish, The Connors, Agents of SHIELD, The Good Doctor, A Million Little Things, and Modern Family (last season).

The Cool Kids: Three men who have long since been their second youth, members of a retirement community, are considered to be the coolest in the area until a new homeowner appears ready to disturb the silence of others.

The Passage: A thriller depicting the story of staff at Project NOAH, a secret government medical institution experiencing a dangerous virus that could cure any disease or disease, or destroy the entire human race. Amy Bellafonte, a ten-year-old girl selected as the subject for the experimental test, and Brad Wolgast, the federal agent who becomes his surrogate father, swears to defend her at all costs.

For the People: With the action in the The Mother Court, the project has as a protagonist a new category of lawyers, some working for both the defense and the Prosecutor’s Office. Occupying the most important or more publicized federal cases in the district, the boundaries between personal and professional life are often lost. The six young stars of the American Judicial System are divided into two camps under the close supervision of Judge Nicholas Byrne and Tina Kirssman, the court’s court clerk. On behalf of defense lawyers, we have two good friends, Sandra Bell and Allison Adams, along with Jay Simmons and their supervisor, Jill Carlan, with the headquarters of the Prosecutor’s Office headed by Roger Gunn, Seth Oliver, Leonard Knox and Kate Littlejohn.


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