The Resident and 911 renewed


The Resident and 911

It is official and Fox has begun to take the first steps to the program grid for the 2019/2020 season. With big questions and many assumptions about the titles that will remain available as a result of the great merger, in the safe place for the autumn, alongside The Simpsons, Ryan Murphy’s modern heroic drama, 9-1-1 and the medical procedure which brings us to the question that one in three US deaths is caused by malpractice of doctors, The Resident.

The two titles were renewed with new season 3 episodes, the exact number of episodes to be released later. The decision does not seem to be emotional at all, the figures recorded this season by the two titles with an average increase of approx. 20% over last year, 9-1-1 remaining the most watched drama Fox and The Resident followed by second.

About 911: A procedural drama based on real experiences and stories, 9-1-1 depicts the life and mission of the first responders to emergency calls, those who put their lives at risk, often, to help and save others – policemen , paramedics, firefighters.

About The Resident: Contemporary drama is conceived by Conrad Hawkins, senior, intelligent, cynical, tough doctor with his students, mentor for Devon Pravesh, a young idealist resident, guiding him from his first day of activity, showing him what is happening with true behind the scenes, which are the pluses and minuses of modern medicine. Whether or not patients are saved, hope will surely be lost.

Fox Entertainment Michael Thorn said: “9-1-1 redefined what a procedural series can be, consistently delivering edge-of-your-seat emergencies, mixed with emotional story arcs and incredible performances from one of the most powerful teams of actors on television. Kudos to Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk, Tim Minear and their entire crew, as well as the amazing cast anchored by Angela Bassett, Peter Krause and Jennifer Love Hewitt for raising the bar week after week.”

“Amy Holden Jones, Todd Harthan and the team behind The Resident continue to showcase their brilliant storytelling, revealing both the triumphs and tragedy within the medical world. Matt Czuchry, Emily VanCamp and Bruce Greenwood, along with the stellar cast, have developed rich and compelling characters through their heartfelt performances. We want to thank our producing partners, 20th Century Fox Television, who have steered these two extraordinary series. Both 9-1-1 and The Resident have many, many more stories to tell and we can’t wait to deliver them to fans next season.”



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