The second original project by Pixar is “Soul”


After Onward (with Chris Pratt and Tom Holland’s voices released on March 6, 2020), Disney-Pixar comes with another original production. According to, the animation will be called Soul and will be in cinemas next year on June 19th.

“Have you ever wondered where your passion, dreams, and desires come from? What makes you be … You? In 2020, the Pixar Animation studio takes you on a journey from the streets of New York to the realms of the Universe to find answers to the most important questions of life, “shows the synopsis of the production at Pete Docter’s headquarters ( Monsters Inc., Up, Inside Out).

Whether through sequels or original productions, Pixar continues to make successful animations that reach the audience’s “soul” and captivate him. After the acclaimed Finding Dory, The Incredibles 2 had the best animation of all time, and Toy Story 4 (which will enter cinemas later this month) is on track, according to expert estimates, to knock down this record.

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