The Witcher series launches on the Netflix streaming platform on December 20th


The Witcher - Netflix

For those unfamiliar with Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski’s novels or The Witcher video games, Netflix has released a video presentation of Geralt’s character from Rivia, in which Henry Cavill himself reveals the traits of the hero he plays.

We learn from the video that Geralt looks like a man, but he is – in fact – a mutant, created through an alchemical process that makes him able to drink potions that increase his strength, improve reflexes and senses. An ordinary mortal would have been killed by these magical potions once they had swallowed them.

We also find out that Geralt is a monster hunter who possesses some magic items. In the clip we see him throw a monster a few tens of meters away. The magic that you practice in that sequence is called “Aard” – a directed explosion of telekinetic energy that shocks your opponents, leaving them vulnerable to a subsequent attack.

Geralt has a lonely way of acting, often being distant and cynical in relation to the other characters. One of his nicknames is that of “Blaviken Butcher” and is the result of an event from his past when he killed a gang of bandits.

In his actions, he uses two swords, one of which is silver used to kill monsters, as well as various oils, artisan bombs, decoctions and magic potions, as well as alchemy. The video gives us an idea about the character’s dry humor, but also about his main feature – despite the harsh life he leads, he is capable of love.


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