There will be a new a new Season of Prison Break ?!


Prison Break

Today after work i read some news and i was a little bit on instagram when i saw on the Dominic Purcell account that there will be a new Season of Prison Break.

He said:

“Because of the Fox merger with Disney it’s been a slow process for Prison Break 6 to get going.The forces that give the green light are totally invested.Prison Break 6 will happen once the intricacies of the merger are done.Writers are ready.The bosses are ready.Wentworth and myself are ready.Do we have a date no.I hope that answers the annoying question.When ? I hope this answers it.I appreciate the excitement you all have for a start date.We don’t have it.Dom”

We hope also to be another season of Prison Break because is the best.

We will be back with good news about a release date or something.


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