Thor’s director: Ragnarok will try to adapt the Flash Gordon comics


After celebrating Hollywood with What We Do in the Shadows and becoming a box office champion with Thor: Ragnarok, Taika Waititi’s work schedule has become increasingly loaded. His latest project comes from Disney / Fox and, even when it comes to a comic adaptation, he moves into animation productions.

According to information from, Disney wants to bring on the big screens a new Flash Gordon movie – after the well-received live action of the ’80s (which included, among others, Ornella Muti, Max von Sydow, and Timothy Dalton). Taika was set to come up with an adaptation of the performance adventurer Flash Gordon, who joins with beautiful Dale Arden and scientist Hans Zarkow to fight an alien threat. In comic strips, the team travels in fantastic worlds – kingdoms covered by jungle, ice, underwater and aerial.

A Flash Gordon animated film has been in Fox’s attention for a long time. Kingsman’s (Matthew Vaughn) and Overlord (Julius Avery) director have been previously invited to work on the project.

Waititi recently started working on Akira. He directed the first episode of the Star Wars The Mandalorian spin-off, and will also deal with the television episode of Terry Gilliam’s 1981 film Time Bandits. This year he will release Jojo Rabbit, a war comedy warrior whose adapted script he signs and signs.

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