Tom Cruise was about to take Brad Pitt role from Once Upon A Time in Hollywood


The Once Upon a Time in Hollywood movie could have been the poster’s head on Mission: Impossible, according to The site notes that Tom Cruise was very close to taking on the role of stuntman Cliff Booth, where we will see Brad Pitt on August 16th.

Quentin Tarantino told a podcast of MTV presenter Josh Horowitz (entitled Happy Sad Confused) that he had a meeting with Tom Cruise, where they talked about Once Upon A Time in Hollywood because the filmmaker wanted to be part of it of the distribution. Although they “liked each other”, as Tarantino mentioned, collaboration was not possible.

“We talked about the movie. Tom is a great guy, we liked each other and I think we will work together in the future for another project, “he explained. The director mentioned in a previous interview to Entertainment Weekly that the role of stuntman was extremely hunted: “Everybody wanted to play Cliff.”


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