Tom Holland explains Peter Parker’s relationship with Mysterio in Spider-Man: Far From Home


Spider-Man - Far From Home

Another stage of the Marvels ends with the final clenching of The Avengers and Thanos from Avengers: Endgame, and the first film of UCM’s fourth stage is Spider-Man: Far From Home. His trailer features Peter’s encounter in his supererou costume with Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal), a character who was portrayed as an antagonist in his comic strip.

Tom Holland, the interpreter of Peter Parker, explained in an interview with his relationship with Mysterio: “It’s interesting because – when you hear the word Mysterio – as a Spider-Man fan, you immediately think it’s a villain, but this is not the case in our movie. She is newly added to her world of superhero and is my partner in the movie. It’s funny, too, because Jake is a great guy and we understand very well. It was fun to fight together against all those dementia monsters, “Holland said.

“It’s like he’s the big brother. Nick Fury is the school principal, who constantly quarrels me because I do not want to be there actually, I want to go on vacation. And Mysterio is always the one who takes my side, knocks me back and tells me I’ve done good work. Which is funny. There are some moments in the movie that I feel like I did not do the right thing, and Mysterio comes in and says, “Good work, boy!” Added the 22-year-old actor.


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