Toy Story 4 first reactions


Until the Toy Story 4 cinema debut, foreign journalists and bloggers who had the opportunity to watch the sequel have already published their views and these are mostly positive, notes

The film has a 100% of the opinions expressed so far by 67 critics, who have been conquered by the amazing mix of emotion and amusement, the story of which the original Forky character offers him a tomato (a level of appreciative comments on bizarre, provocative but conquering “clash (David Sims, The Atlantic). Toy Story 4 seems to be able to deliver – as Brian Lowry from CNN – was “yet another great filmmaker”.

“Emotional, explosive, brilliant and even profound humor, Pixar’s top brand is also able to reach everyone’s hearts,” says Lowry.

“I’m glad to say that all the fears about this sequel are groundless. Toy Story 4 is awesome; it is a pleasure to review the “gang”. […] This should be a lesson to be taken into account by all those who cynically judge franchises: Sometimes, more is actually better, “says Lindsey Bahr of the Associated Press.

“Toy Story 4 comes with an honorable ending in a bitter-sweet note that could serve as the perfect finish for this franchise. But it was the same with the previous movie, “says Johnny Oleksinski of the New York Post.

“If this movie does not make you feel like you are as lifeless as how to make the toys out of it when people are around,” writes Richard Roeper of the Chicago Sun-Times.

“Pixar could simply stop after the maximum success with the adventurous movies in the series that look so good and they are so fun and moving. But if they can maintain this wonderful level, do not stop! “Concludes Alonso Durande of The Wrap.


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