Trailer Ad Astra – Brad Pitt seeks to save the Earth at the edges of our solar system


The first Ad Astra SF trailer, starring Brad Pitt, was released yesterday and gave a picture of the dramatic and mysterious tone of the space adventure that has the centerpiece of Brad Pitt’s character.

Astronaut Roy McBride (Pitt) “embarked on a journey to the edges of our solar system to follow his father and discover the mystery that threatens the life of our planet. In his way, secret information is revealed to him, which puts a new light on human existence and our place in the Universe “, shows the synopsis of the film.

Its director, James Gray (The Lost City of Z), said she wanted to offer Ad Astra “the most realistic representation of space travel,” from which the idea of ​​”space is terribly hostile to people”.

“The science fiction genre is deceptive because it usually includes fantasy elements, sometimes supernatural. The story is a kind of Heart Of Darkness on the edge of our solar system, “Gray said about the film, in an interview before shooting, taken over by

The trailer provides some intrigue details, including the fact that Roy’s father, Clifford (Tommy Lee Jones), led the LIMA project, using a strange and dangerous technology to get in touch with alien life. Clifford disappeared on that mission to Neptune 16 years ago, but he may still be alive. He even seems to be responsible for the catastrophes that hit the Earth, with great losses of human life.

Roy is sent to discover what has been chosen for the LIMA project and to eliminate the threat to the Earth, even if it means confronting his own parent. Hence the concern about his emotional state before his mission.

James Gray’s ambitious SF – whose release has been postponed for the second time due to post-production expansion – will arrive in cinemas on September 20th. They are also part of Liv Tyler, Ruth Negga and Donald Sutherland.

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Watch the trailer below:


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