Tyler Posey joins ‘The Lost Boys’

Tyler Posey
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With a project title of about three years, here’s the time to see how The Lost Boys screen up the The CW. How UpFronts is no more than two months apart, the time has come for the proposed episodes to go into production, and that’s why actors need it. If this is the case at The CW, Batwoman is the only project that looks good on this chapter, The Lost Boys seem to trample on track, with station representatives announcing the casting of actors Tyler Posey, Kiele Sanchez, Sanchez Medalion, and Dakota Shapiro. Not even the production team was overlooked, Catherine Hardwicke joining the project as a director – known for directing the first Twilight movie, seems to return to vampires after a period of indie titles.

Tyley Posey aka Michael: Lucy’s older son, his plans to follow Medicine is ruining when he learns that he suffers from the same genetic disease that led to his father’s death. Without plans, the only thing that seems to keep him afloat today is his friendship with Stella, a young woman holding a stand on the cliff in Santa Carla.

Kiele Sanchez aka Lucy: Still suffering after his husband’s death, Lucy is forced to return with his two sons to Santa Carla, his hometown – a thing he has avoided in the past 27 years when he has a monster scandal, and your boyfriend to run away with another man.

Dakota Shapiro aka David: Intense, sometimes frightening, impulsive … these are just a few of the features that define David, although his presence can be reduced to a single word – vampire. Specifically, even the leader finds immortal Santa Cruz.

Medalion Rahimi aka Stella: the typical Californian girl, free and worry-free, she quickly becomes friends with Michael. Despite the chemistry between the two, Stella is already in a relationship with David, the vampire leader of Santa Cruz, and even really loves Stella, the only one who can control and temper his impulsiveness.

Welcome to the sunny Santa Carla, the city with one of the most beautiful cliffs and cotton wool for all tastes, but also the place that shelters the secret world of vampires. After their father’s sudden death, two brothers move together with their mother in Santa Carla, thinking that the city where she grew up can give her a new start. What this did not take into account is the attraction of the two boys for the underground world mirage and the supernatural hidden by the city, the eternally young and attractive. The project is based on the 1987 film.

Production team: Heather Mitchell (screenwriter / EP), Rob Thomas (EP), Dan Etheridge (EP), Rebecca Franko (producer), Catherine Hardwicke
Distribution: Tyler Posey, Kiele Sanchez, Sanchez Medalion, Dakota Shapiro


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