Vladimir Furdik, the Czech actor who plays The Night King in Game of Thrones, spoke


Vladimir Furdik

The actor Vladimir Furdik revealed that his final scene in the series was extremely difficult because it came at the end of a tiring day, and the moment was extremely moving and demanding a lot of timing. That day Furdík – who was originally one of the series’ stunts – had already performed several demanding scenes.

“Then came the moment with Arya when I had to catch her, and felt Maisie’s strong emotions; for me it was as if I spent all my energy in one day. It was cold; it was not easy for Maisie to jump in when I needed it or to catch it at the right time. I think it was the most difficult thing to record before, from my point of view, “he explained.

Furdík also spoke about what he had fought in the Night King battle and summed it all up to one word: revenge: “He seemed to say at some point,” Well, now I can start the war. Now I will kill everyone because you turned me into The Night King and forced me to live by the wall for seven or 10,000 years in a frozen place. ”

Once removed from The Night King, it will be interesting to see what Jon, Daenerys, Sansa and Arya will do with their allies and what’s left of the large army in front of the terrifying common danger; this time the danger comes from Cersei, who still has a few aces in his sleeve besides the help of Euron Greyjoy (30,000 fighters and 900 combat ships) and the 20,000 mercenaries of The Golden Company.


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