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Warrior is an action drama that takes place during wars between the criminal organizations in Chinatown, San Francisco, in the second half of the 19th century. The series features Ah Sahm, a phenomenon of martial arts, which becomes the paid assassin of one of the most powerful criminal families in Chinatown.

Andrew Koji is the phenomenon in martial arts Ah Sahm. Ah Sahm is friend with Wang Chao, who deals with illegal business in Chinatown, and is taken under the protective wing of Young Jun, Hop Wei’s son-in-law party father, who faces an imminent opium war with a society rival. As he is indoctrinated with Chinatown gang rules, Ah Sahm gains the trust of a brothel madam, Ah Toy, and reveals the true intentions of his journey to America.

Warrior is produced for Cinemax by Perfect Storm Entertainmet, Tropper Ink Productions and Bruce Lee Entertainment. The series is created by Jonathan Tropper, who is also an executive producer. Justin Lin and Danielle Woodrow are executive executives from Perfect Storm Entertainment. Shannon Lee is executive producer for Bruce Lee Entertainment. Brad Kane is executive producer and Richard Sharkey co-executive producer. The pilot episode features Assaf Bernstein as an executive producer.

photo source: slashfilm.com

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