We have Black Widow release date


In an interview with the press after Marvel’s show at Comic-Con San Diego, actress Rachel Weisz offered an interesting detail about the new Black Widow. She said we’d see more black widows in the movie, including his character, Melina (Iron Maiden in the comic strip).

“Melina went through the Red Room five times before the beginning of the action in the film. It has begun to be so prepared since childhood. She is a spy and elite killer, but I can not tell you now what her relationship with other characters is, “Weisz said. How many such assassins and spies appear in the film, Weisz did not specify, but he said, “There are quite a lot. I’m a Black Widow, and Scarlett [Johansson], and Florence [Florence Pugh – Yelena in the movie, n. Red]. You will see quite a few characters who are Black Widows. ”

It was also confirmed that the action of Black Widow will take place after the one in Captain America: Civil War and will explain one of the moments that Hawkeye recalled in the last two Avengers – what happened in Budapest.

Black Widow will be launched on May 1, 2020.


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