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Avengers - Endgame

Avengers: Endgame is coming to be release on big screens.Surprisingly, a large section of the trailer is dedicated to sequences from the previous MCUs that recreate the culminating moments of the trips the movie heroes have made.

We see Tony meditating on the armor he wore in the first Iron Man movie, where he became a hero. Then, on a Steve Rogers before he became a super soldier, he just dreamed of becoming a hero. There’s also an audio piece where Steve talks to an older Peggy Carter, taken from Captain America: The Winter Soldier. The trailer also contains some of the first Thor films. All these “recycled” sequences seem to be thought of to remind fans how much they’ve lost Avengers over the past ten years. And the tones of red and gray just seem to accentuate this note of death and loss. But, is it possible – that these “recycled” scenes are more than apparently at first glance?

Taking into account the Endgame conflict, where – perhaps – the Avengers will somehow offend Thanos’ evil actions, is it possible that our heroes travel in time to the events of the first films and rebuild their past? Peggy’s reply – “Sometimes, the best thing we can do is take it from scratch” – gives a suggestion to this hypothesis.

We see Clint’s moving encounter with Natasha. All of them lead to the idea that his family died decimated by Thanos, and Nat is what’s left of the family.We can not help seeing how the character’s hairstyle played by Scarlett Johansson changes. We are accustomed to Natasha changing her hair color in every new movie, but her stylist seems to get overhead in Endgame.

At another important moment of the trailer, we see most of the Avengers gathered for a mission and wearing a set of white armor uniforms. Suppose they are heading for a rescue mission to Tony and Nebula. But they are already in the group. Taking into account how well these costumes resemble Ant-Man and Wasp, we can assume the Avengers are preparing to return to the Quantum Realm. What could be the key to travel in time and the possibility of canceling Thanos’ actions.

Three important Avengers are obviously absent from the scene – Hulk, Thor and Captain Marvel. Taking into account that the three are the most powerful members of the team, they may actually have a completely separate mission, perhaps even a direct confrontation with Thanos.

Speaking of Carol, the only time we see her in the trailer is in the comic sequence of the final, when it seems to be on the same wavelength with Thor. The moment seems to be placed in time immediately after the sequence on the final title of Captain Marvel’s production. Carol appears dressed in civilian clothes, dressed as she was in the post credits scene of Captain Marvel’s production.

Less words and lets see the trailer below it is a great one.


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