Why did Chris Hemsworth like Thor not lose weight in Avengers: Endgame


Chris Hemsworth

In an interview with Variety, actor Chris Hemsworth, who portrays Thor in Marvel films – including the latest Avengers – explained how Zeus Tunet had completely changed his appearance in Endgame, and why he preferred his muscles and his abdomen remains under a layer of fat.

The star showed that Thor “should have returned to his original physical form in the middle of Endgame,” but he himself was against the idea. “I liked that version of Thor,” he said. “It was so different from the other ways I approached this character. And then simply this version seems to have come to life,” he added.

“Physically, it was about three hours of hair and makeup. Then the prosthetic costume, especially for the t-shirt scene; the suit was a big silicone thing weighing about 40 pounds. It was clearly exhausting. I also had hardships on my hands and ankles, just to notice that I was moving differently to the shooting, “the actor told her.

Avengers: Endgame released in cinemas on April 26 and had record revenues – nearly $2.7 billion (at a production budget of 356 million), overtaking Titanic in the box office boxing top box of all time.


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