Why did Jeremy Renner refuse the central role in Hellboy


Jeremy Renner has said “NO” of working with the famous director Guillermo del Toro to adapt the Hellboy graphic novel since 2004. The role of the Dark Horse Comics hero was offered when he was still at the beginning of his career, writes MovieWeb.com, but he preferred to refuse the project because he “did not understand” the character.

Renner’s financial situation was then disastrous, but he remained loyal to the promise he made, not to accept any role he did not find.

“It has happened to me with Guillermo Del Toro,” he told Justin Long Life’s Short podcast.

“It was an excellent director, and the movie was Hellboy, for a bigger amount of money, bigger than I ever had. But I had to say no because I had no idea how to approach that character. I think it was at least a quarter of a million dollars at a time when I could not afford electricity, just candles, but I read the script and I said that I simply have to refuse because they fail to identify me with the hero in any way, “he explained.

Renner did not regret his choice even after seeing the finished film, with Ron Perlman playing the central role.

“I have no regrets, none. Most of the time, I wonder how glad I am that I did not take the role. And I know for sure why I did not. It’s not just about Hellboy and I’m not saying it’s a bad movie or a good movie … I just would not be in that story, “the star added.

The ghost that came to her and which he accepted unreservedly was Hawkeye’s of Marvel movies: “When the filmmakers talked to me about this character, I said it was great, it was just a guy without superpowers, only with an exceptional set of abilities. And with this I could identify myself, “he said.


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