Why Margot Robbie was afraid to work with Tarantino at Once Upon a Time in Hollywood


In an interview with Vogue magazine, actress Margot Robbie confessed that she had some reservations about working with Quentin Tarantino at Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

Margot revealed that after she even asked the filmmaker for Sharon Tate’s role and was delighted to receive it, she learned of the accusations of actress Uma Thurman. She claimed that in 2003, on Kill Bill’s filming, Tarantino forced her to quit her double stunt and to run herself a dangerous car scene herself, causing her serious injuries. The actress also said that Tarantino spit it in front of her and broke it for other scenes in the film.

The Weinstein scandal and the #MeToo movement forced Tarantino to answer the allegations. He apologized for the way he treated Thurman and even said that those are the moments he regains most alive.

The director’s apology has reassured Robbie, who also accepted Once Upon a Time in Hollywood as a producer: “I really thought about it. If people will consider my decision to play and to be a producer of the conflict film? I do not even know what I feel about this because I am extremely grateful for being in this position of power, for having more creative control, and that this is now encouraged. […] It was the dream of my life to work with Tarantino, and here we were. It would be sad to find out that people criticize me for such a thing, despite the other things I do, “the actress explained.

“Tarantino told me that I would never have fun on a movie set so good. And he was right, “added Robbie.

photo source: time.com


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