Why was Body of Proof Cancelled?


Body of Proof was a good tv series, probably the best after a few years the director said he wants to make a reboot of the show, but the actors won’t coming back.

Last night I saw a few episodes and I like it very much but why the show was canceled, nobody knows but in my feelings it was about the ratings. Now all the actors from the show play in other shows, with great success.

The show story is about Dr. Megan Hunt was a brilliant neurosurgeon at the top of her game until a devastating car accident ended her time in the operating room. But rather than end her medical career, Megan becomes a medical examiner. She develops a reputation for graying the line of where her job ends and the police begin their jobs. Megan realizes she has a lot of work to do to rebuild her relationships with her family members, as they have taken a back seat to her ambition.

Here is an opening scene from Body of Proof:


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